Ark DLC Island

DLC Island is a little change-up to the standard Ark Island map that I designed to incorporate to make things interesting.  Across the standard
Island map you'll find a mixture of creatures from every expansion Ark has to offer, with the exception of Extinction's corrupted animals.  These
critters have been meticulously placed to make the most sense of their existance. 

LAST UPDATED:  February 24, 2019



Who is the Owner of the Server?  Jodian - In Game / Jodian (V01) - On Steam

Is This On a Dedicated or Shared Server?  These servers are operated off a Dedicated system.

Is There Any Downtime?  Server restarts occur twice daily & if updating is required.

How Often Are Updates Performed?  Server and Mod files are checked during each restart.

What Are The Harvest Settings?  2x Harvest + 2x Health + 2x Respawn

Do You Allow PVP?  Only for Tribal Warfare, otherwise players must respect the PVE settings.

Do I Have To Play Often?  No, decay is disabled*.  Admins remove abandoned structures only when map space is exhausted.

* Unconnected Water Pipes will Decay At Increased Speed

Do I Have To Join a Tribe?  No, we have adjusted taming to make it relatively easy for casual solo players to tame/mate dinos.

Are My Things Protected When I'm Offline?  Yes and No, but player griefing is strictly prohibited.

No Player Killing/Griefing:  Nobody likes to login to a game to find all their hard work ruined.  As such we do not allow any player to destroy the objects or dinos of another player.  While we do allow tribal warfare, tribes may not attack another tribe while their members are offline and unable to defend themselves.  PVP is only allowed between tribes with declared "tribal warfare" status.

No Build Blocking:  We wish all players to be able to find somewhere to call home.  As such we do not allow players/tribes to claim territory by placing random objects across large areas of landscape.  If you wish to build a large walled in area, it must be a reasonable size and must be developed (used) by your tribe.  You may not hold onto land for the sake of preventing other players from building in that location.

Limit to 1 Oil/Gas Spawn:  Spawn locations of Oil and Gas veigns are sparse across the landscape.  As such each Tribe is only permitted to hold onto 1 oil and 1 gas spawn.  If multiple players form a tribe (even unofficial) they must give up any Oil and Gas veigns which put them over the limit of 1 oil and 1 gas.

Teleportation Limit:  Due to stability issues with teleportation pads, and the fact that teleportation increases server load, solo players are limited to having a maximum of TWO teleportation pads in use.  Tribes are limited to a maximum of FIVE teleportation pads in use at one time.  We perfom random checks to ensure players are complying with these limits.

Resource Claiming/Destroying:  Every player on this server will require resources to construct buildings, tools, and weapons.  Greed in this regard is not permitted.  Therefore there are a few rules to follow with regards to resources like Metal, Crystal, Obsidian, and the like.  We do not allow players to wall off these resources, preventing others from accessing them.  We also do not allow players to build close enough to these resources that they do not respawn.  This is strictly monitored and offenders will find their structures removed without warning.

No Structure Abandonment:  While it's only natural for a player to want to move to a better location once they get their survival established, we do not permit players to simply abandon their old bases.  Multiple bases are permitted, however if you move from a base and have no intent on using it, you must remove it.  This can be easily done with the "Demo Gun" from the S+ mod, which you can simply use to shoot objects to destroy/pick-up placed objects.


                                                                                      Jodian's DLC Island

I want to start out by saying this isn’t your standard The Island experience. Through a painstaking process of trial and error we’ve rebuilt the environment of the default Island map to bring in all aspects of the Ark DLC experience.

This not only includes rebuilding the vanilla spawns, to now also include Aberration, Scorched, and some Extinction versions of vanilla creatures, but we've also added in all of the special DLC resources to areas of the Island where it might be appropriate to find them. 

Some of these creatures, such as the Nameless, can only be found in specific single locations on the map.  Others can be found pretty much anywhere you look.  It's up to the players to discover these new spawns across the already familiar landscape.


In addition to spawns, all of the DLC engrams are also available for use and, as mentioned, you'll find DLC resource spawns across the map as well.  This includes Gas and Oil nodes.

We hope you enjoy this unique Island experience!




The following rules apply to all of our ARK servers, and are not specifically for the DLC Island server alone.  Please ensure you read and understand

these rules as the punishment for breaking them is losing the ability to play on our servers and we do not accept ignorance as an excuse.




The following is a list of mods that we have active on the server.  While we try to keep this list updated and accurate, there may be times when we

test out a new mod and it won't be listed here.  I've also added the reasoning behind the mod being used, for those who are a little worried about

servers with large mod lists;


















































DLC Island Resources


Wyvern Nests


Awesome Teleporters

Wardrobe Skins


Fused Troughs

Cooking Extras


Egg & Poop Collectors


Homing Pigeon


Reusable Plus


Redwoods Anywhere


Bore Water Pipe




Structures Plus


Death Recovery Mod


Auto Narcotic


Big Storage Bins


Dinosaur Treadmill




Element Factory


Tek Bench


Xtra Tranqs


DLC Engram Unlocker


Kibble Crafting Station


Dino Colorizer


Upgrade Station




To Add The DLC Resource Spawns To The Island Map


To Allow Wyvern Spawns and Nests


Adds Dino Tracking & Base-Base Teleporting

Allows Players Variety In Their Wardrobe


Brings In Tiered Troughs Allowing Refrigeration at Higher Tiers

Improves The Cooking System and Allows Preserving Food


Automates Farming & Lowers Clutter (aka poop/eggs) at Bases


Improves Flight For Solo Players by Allowing Flyer Recall


Drastically Reduces Single-Use Tool Material Usage for Solo Players


Gives Players The Option Of Setting Up Platform Bases Virtually Anywhere


Removes The Requirement of Pipes Being Strewn Across The Map


Allows Players To Deal With Excess Objects/Items


Brings Better Options To Standard Building Blocks


Mostly For Solo Players To Aid In Corpse Recovery


Mostly For Solo Players To Aid In Long-Time Taming


Improved Storage System Over The Default Storage Boxes


Adds A Fun Way To Power Your Bases


Replaces The Reusable Grapple From The Reusables Plus Mod


Aids Solo Players With End-Game Element Requirements


Aids Solo Players With End-Game Tek Requirements


Adds More Powerful Tranqs To Deal With The Max Level Increase To 250


Allows Learning The DLC Engrams On The Island Map


Allows Crafting Taming Resources Not Otherwise Avaialble On The Island Map


Players Can Customize Their Dino's Colors


Allows Upgrading Items/Armor To Deal With The Increased Max Level of Dinos