What's this all about?


This page is devoted to the modpack we developed for the hit game Minecraft, called Viper-Craft Galaxy.


What's a modpack?


A modpack is a collection of modifications, or mods, that change or add to an already existing game.


Why would you want to use a modpack?


Modpacks, by their very nature, usually add content to a game.  This can increase the replayability of a game and allow players to have a new experience should the vanilla experience grow tiresome.

What is "vanilla"?


Vanilla is a term used to describe the original game, in it's unmodified state.

Greetings and Welcome!

We at Jodian Gaming have been long-time supporters of the Technic Launcher, as well as their high-quality mod packs. There have been many mod packs we’ve enjoyed over the years, but not a single one that had everything we were looking for. The solution? Build our own mod pack specifically for our own use!

So, you might ask, why are we publically hosting and advertising this mod pack instead of keeping it private? Put simply, we don’t believe any mod pack should be kept private. Every pack has a unique experience that others might enjoy!

How did we go about making this mod pack? Well, it was quite a complex process and took several days to complete. We started out by selecting a mod pack we already enjoyed and that had a lot of what we were looking for.  We then stripped out everything we didn’t like about the pack, which was actually a surprising amount.  Come to think of it, it might have actually been better to build it from scratch.  Oh well.

Once we had the mod pack trimmed down we began rebuilding it by adding in mods like Biomes O' Plenty, Ars Magica 2, Thermal Expansion, Industrial Craft 2, and a few others that we had run across over the years and had fond memories of. We then asked our own Viper-Craft players what they would like to see more of, and based on their answers we sought out mods that would suit their desires for fantasy role play, mining and transportation. We then ran the mod pack through heavy testing via single-player, a locally hosted server, and a professionally hosted server. Once we were satisfied with the results we sought out the proper permissions from the mod developers and began hosting our mod pack through the Technic Launcher.  You'll find a link to that site at the bottom of this page.

In the end, what we ended up with was a mod pack and server that suited both our desires as well as the wishes of those who played on our own viper-craft server. We’re supremely happy with this outcome and continue to develop this modpack for the enjoyment of all. We welcome you to tag along and enjoy the experience as well either through single-player or via your own Viper-Craft Galaxy server.

Happy gaming, from the Staff of JodianGaming.ca!

Mod-Pack Features

We tried our best, when developing this modpack, to include a little something for everyone.  This modpack has so many features we can't showcase them all, and features will come and go, but here are a few of our most favorite features (mods) that will always be available in the VCG modpack;




Complex Railroad Systems


Tunnel Boring Machine

The thing I absolutely love about the Railcraft mod is it brings many more mine cart capabilities to the world of Minecraft.  You can set up stations that will automatically load and unload materials and liquids.  You can have elevator rails that raise and lower minecarts up massive cliff faces or vertical underground shafts.  You can even set up sections of track with switches and signals so your carts don't go running into each other when they move about their daily activities.  With the addition of "anchor" carts, and the ability to connect carts together in "trains" you can also ensure your minecarts don't enter paused oblivion when they move too far away from players.  Finally, the addition of the massive Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) makes long distant rail lines an absolute breeze by digging through obstacles, laying rail, and filling small ravines with sand/gravel that you provide the machine.  You can also string a row of chest carts behind it to ensure any materials it digs through get collected.  Of course, that's not all Railcraft brings to the table.  It also gives you a whole bunch of new blocks to utilize and even some new lighting options.  It's truly an all in one package that we're very honored to be able to include in the VCG modpack.





Magical Exploration & Constructs



One thing that seemed missing from vanilla Minecraft, an arguably Medieval Fantasy Sandbox game, was arcane magic.  Thanks to the Thaumcraft 4 mod you can now explore both the wonder and horrors of the magical realm.  You can find magical nodes throughout the world and draw their energies into your magical wand/staff, then use that energy as both tool and deadly weapon.  You'll even be required to build large constructs to focus the magical energies you collect into items of increasing power.  New forests of magic will appear across the landscape, full of wonder and beautiy.  With this comes a word of caution.  With great power comes great responsibility!  Those who carelessly wield the power of magic can unleash the horror of the Taint, a poison that spreads without mercy and is capable of infecting and breaking down even the most complex of defenses.  With the powers of Thaumcraft in your hands, will you unleash the Taint or will you abolish it?



Biomes O' Plenty:


Bog / Spruce Forest / Borial Forest


Tropics / Coral Reef / Crag

The absolutely amazing and, quite frankly, cannot do without mod of Biomes O' Plenty brings in so many amazing sights to Minecraft that it's a wonder why Mojang doesn't take it as an example of biomes done right.  This mod simply has everything you can think of from lush tropical beaches, wondrous coral reefs, and forests of every type to baren wastelands, and the ever impressive and ridiculously tall mountains of the crag biome.  Without this mod the world of VCG would, quite literally, be not worth living in.



Immersive Engineering:


Immersive Engineering Ores


Realistic Power Infrastructure

Ever since I came across the Immersive Engineering mod I've used almost nothing else for my RF (power) generating needs when playing VCG.  I absolutely love the realism that this mod brings into the world of Minecraft.  From the realistic power lines to the realistic water wheel and windmills, this mod has it all and that's why it's included in the VCG modpack.  In addition the liquid cresote byproduct from the Railcraft coke ovens, once a liquid you struggled to get rid of, is now extremely useful as a requirement of Immersive Engineering crafting.  Immersive Enginnering also brings several new ores to the table, giving you an even broader mining experience.



Ars Magica:


Altars of Stone


Spell Altars Bring Magic to Your Hands

Yet another way of messing with magic in the VCG modpack is the addition of the Ars Magica mod.  Unlike Thaumcraft 4, Ars Magica is a book based magical ability that lets you cast spells directly from your "hand".  That being, as long as you're carrying the spell either in your quicklslot or spellbook.  Utilizing a combination of it's own XP and unlockable skill tree is the way that you level up in Ars Magica.  This ensures a long road of spell usage in order to become the most powerful of mages.  It also brings several of it's own "ores" to the game that you'll need, among regular minecraft items, to craft your spells on a spell altar (that you have to build).



Twilight Forest:


Twilight Forest Portal


The Naga Arena / Thorn Mountains

The addition of more dimensions to Minecraft has always been a sore spot with some.  In vanilla Minecraft you have both the End and the Nether, which can be fully explored by those who have the skill and desire.  That said, for some it's just not enough.  The Twilight Forest seeks to add another layer to Minecraft in the form of a land of wonder, mystery, and danger.  In the Twilight Forest it's always twilight (duh) and you'll find biomes that aren't found in the regular world such as glaciers of ice, lands of fire and mountains of thorns.  You'll also find areas you've never before faced.  If it's a challenge you seek look no further than the boss battles starting with the Naga, working your way past the Lich, through the hidden labyrinth where horrors lurk, through numerous more bosses until you finally reach the monster who calls the thorn mountain it's home.


...And That's Not All!

With the addition of OVER 160 other mods you can be sure that the Viper-Craft Galaxy mod pack will have something for everyone.  This list was just a small example of some mods that stand out.  There are many more dimentions to explore, an endless number of machines and constructs to build, and a vast world of creatures to discover, destroy, and even keep as pets.


If you're interested in trying out our modpack simply download the Technic Launcher, run it, and search the modpack list for "Viper-Craft Galaxy".  Hit install and then hit Play.  It's that easy!


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